Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Final Countdown

2 days until Colleen's 21st! Finally, all three of us sisters will be 21! Yippee!!

Breakfast today: Muffin and berries;  Iced coffee with "Amazing Grass" chocolate

I just got an email that my Naturally Nutty peanut butters shipped today!! I am soooo excited to try these - I've been reading about them forever on different blogs and people seem to love them!

Question of the Day: What is your favorite kind of nut butter? Favorite brand?

I love the almond butter they grind at Fresh Market and Smucker's All-Natural Chunky Peanut Butter!

See you later!!


  1. I have a jar of the ever popular Barney Butter. I ordered two but when I went to open one I found it was empty. My housemate obviously enjoyed it. I like to eat it spread on an English muffing with sliced apples on it. Yum. Now all I have to do is find some whole grain english muffins. The ones I have aren't the healthiest.

  2. ahh I have been dying to try the naturally nutty products forever but just can't afford 'em right now. What flavors did you order?!?

    my favorite plain PB is teddie's natural but my heart will always belong to PC&Co flavored PB.. it's just heavenly =)

  3. My favorite nut butter is Pb & Co. Cinnamon Rasin Swirl :D !!!!!

    I've never ordered anything online (not allowed to). But I know how exciting it is to recieve packages in the mail. I hope you get your pb soon!

  4. I wish I could try Naturally Nutty! Do you have to order it online or can you get it through a store? Guess I'll check out their website!

    I love to grind my own almond butter at Whole Foods, and I'm a huge PB&Co fan. I love White Chocolate Wonderful the best, probably. Oh gosh I could go on and on about nut butters. Naturally More peanut butter is great too - and has AWESOME health benefits w/ flax and egg whites I believe.

    Happy Tuesday!!


  5. my absolute favorite nut butter is an organic raw almond butter made by woodstock farms. it's the only almond butter i'll buy because it's been my favorite forever and it's so incredible tasting. even though it costs over 18 dollars a jar--yikes!--it's worth it. (mostly because my mom buys it for me, so i don't pay for it. haha!)

  6. oh! i love nut butter, but unfortunately i have very limited options around here. i heard of a white choc./cherries almond butter i would love to try! yummy muffins.